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Selling Cheap Sorong Carts from PT Berjaya Dynamics Indonesia in Medan. Wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow is a small-sized conveyance used to carry or transport goods that generally have 1 wheel. Wheelbarrow or in some areas known as "angkong" has a working principle that divides the load on the wheels and users.

The cart is designed to be pushed and controlled by someone using two handles on the back of the cart. In the past the wagon was also assisted by a wind push that was captured by a sail mounted on the top of the wagon. This cart divides the load between the wheels and the user, so that it is possible for someone to carry heavier and bigger items than he does directly without a handcart (similar to the way a second-class lever works). The use of hand carts is very common in the field of Construction and Plantation. The general capacity of a hand cart is around 170 liters.

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